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Intuitive Massages By Shelley

WITH OVER 20 YEARS IN PRACTICE, I offer a unique FULL 60, 90 or 120 minute hands on customized massage experience.


This Is No Ordinary Massage!

My massage is a combination of many techniques I’ve picked up from other massage masters from around the world, and/or developed myself throughout the years. This is a pampering, yet therapeutic, hands-on massage

that addresses specific issues while producing a relaxing, lusciously enjoyable experience.

Each massage is a custom massage… 

Every person’s body is different (of course), and each massage experience is a unique journey that may call for more of one technique over another. My massage can lean more towards therapeutic with the deeper tissue work, stretching and other “sports type” techniques to relieve trouble spots and/or especially tight muscles, OR…  I can lean more towards a pampering massage; leaving you feeling like you’ve been wrapped in a cloud and the “reset” button pressed on your body. 

Communication is key: 

It's important to me to know what you prefer and/or expect for your massage.  Every massage is a combination of my listening to you and what you want and need, and listening to your body and what it wants and needs. I find most clients prefer a balanced combination between therapeutic and pampering. I will ask... and you can decide, or leave it up to my perceptions of what your body, mind and soul are in “knead” of.  

All my massages include a luxurious heated massage table with the softest face cradle and sheets available, along with aromatherapy at no additional charge. I use organic coconut oil for the majority of my massage.

CBD Balm is available if needed for a nominal charge.

I love what I do, which will be apparent as you sense the extra care and attention I give to your massage experience!


What Is Intuitive Therapeutic Massage?

Intuitive Therapeutic Massage utilizes hands-on massage techniques to facilitate the release of energy blockages and restore or balance the flow of energy within the body. The location of energy blockages, are located by the intuitive ability of the therapist. Simply stated, the therapist is able to determine the area or areas of your body that are causing pain or discomfort. 

Centuries of wisdom from Eastern philosophers have taught us that just as our bodies have a physical anatomy, we also have an “energy anatomy.” Disturbances within the energy fields in our body can have a negative effect on our overall health and trigger any number of adverse physical and emotional symptoms. An energy blockage can manifest itself in many forms, ranging from chronic or acute pain to emotional disruptions. 

Here at Intuitive Massages, I support the theory that often times the emotional affects the physical. That is why my goal is twofold: While my massages focus on relieving pain and discomfort in a most enjoyable way, I also promote and encourage self-discovery and wellness through a balance of body, mind and spirit.

My massage includes the following 3 modalities:


Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi  is a traditional Hawaiian massage best known for long, flowing, dance-like strokes, using the forearms and generous amounts of oil, using a combination of massage techniques, elements of breathing and gentle stretches or joint rotations. 

In traditional Lomi Lomi, most of the body is exposed. However, I use massage sheets in the usual way, just uncovering larger areas of your body at once, yet in a modest way. Additional exposure is needed because I’m not always massaging one body part at a time. I’m often moving along energy lines in long flowing motions that, for example, may start at the top of your shoulder and go all the way to the tip of your toes.

Also known as the 'loving hands' massage, the physical  benefits of Lomi Lomi are the same as other types of massage in terms of relaxing muscles, promoting circulation and releasing blocked energy. The difference lies in the Hawaiian traditions woven into the massage, including the belief that "loving hands" help you release not only physical tension but also mental, emotional and spiritual blockages.


Swedish Massage

  Swedish Massage is the most common and best known type of massage. It involves long, fluid strokes, kneading, tapping and cross fiber of muscles and tissues with pressure that varies from light to medium to firm. This modality focuses on relaxation and relieving tension in muscles.


Deep Tissue Massage

  Deep Tissue Massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia in stiff "trouble spots" in your body. This technique uses slow, deep guided strokes and firm pressure. What one calls deep tissue another will call light. It is very important to communicate the pressure you are comfortable with when receiving deep tissue work.